What's next?

The learning doesn't have to stop when you finish these courses!

We are looking for 12 people who want to team up with industry mentors, learn even more about 5G and problem-solve against real-world sustainability challenges.

You must be between the ages of 16 – 22, you must have completed all five digital skills courses by 26th May 2021 and you must be available for two activities:

  • 5G Bootcamp - 9th June 2021
    The 5G Bootcamp will be an interactive deeper dive into the technological building blocks of 5G and its anticipated impact on the world.
  • CW Tech for Impact Ideation day (idea creation to solve real-world problems using tech) - 1st July 2021
    While teaming up with industry mentors and your fellow CW Techsters, you will use your technological know-how to create a solution to a real-world sustainability challenge.

Why apply for the live events?

  • Grow your digital skills
  • Get support and advice from experienced industry mentors
  • Raise your profile amongst potential employers and educational establishments
  • Boost your university or job application
  • Get help with formulating business ideas
  • Be featured in social media promotions and blogs

To apply for the live events complete this short form by 26 May. To find out more information, email us at cw-techsters@cambridgewireless.co.uk